Step 1 To Running the Table

The Seattle Seahawks have an extremely simple, all be it daunting task of running the table in order to win the NFC West. Our next opponent, on the road in Philadelphia, is probably the hardest of the remaining games. A High Powered offense against a Cruise Missile defense. This will be a game that either stays close, blow for blow, or turns into a B-L-O-W-O-U-T.

With Nick Foles out, the Eagles have turned to former “Can’t miss prospect” Mark Sanchez, and he in turn has lead them to a 3-1 record in the last 4 games. With help from a tremendous O-Line and running game, they are still a team to not be overlooked. If the Seahawks can somehow contain LeSean McCoy, then I can see the LOB just eating errant passes up like Pac Man.

A HUGE game for both teams, and the one who comes out swinging, making a statement with that first BIG hit or big play, is the team who walks out of there with a W.

So….I’m going with my Seattle Seahawks 33-20.


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